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Here are some of the courses we offer. If you are interested in taking one of our courses, use the relevant links below to register and find payment details:
Dangerous Goods Awareness - New Zealand
This NZCAA approved course is based on the ICAO Technical Instructions. It is suitable for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Check-In Staff and Loaders.

Dangerous Goods NZ – AeroCare Employees ONLY

This Dangerous Goods Awareness course is for current and prospective AeroCare staff ONLY. Use another registration and enrolment form if you are not in this category.
Dangerous Goods Awareness - Australia
This is our CASA approved DG awareness course. You can complete the course as an individual, or we can customise it to match company DG manuals.
Dangerous Goods Awareness - Fiji
This Dangerous Goods Awareness course is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji for Initial issue and renewal of DG certification.
      Human factors - Air Crew
This course follows the NZCAA Syllabus for Pilot and Cabin Crew Human Factors training. 

Crew Resource Management, Threat and Error Management, and Non Technical Skills (NTS) training all form a part of the broader Safety Culture that is becoming a required part of the industry standards.
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Human factors - Ground Crew
This course is relevant to ground staff.

It would be suitable as an introduction to Human Factors for staff working for airline operators as Check-in staff and Loaders.
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Human factors - Maintenance
We offer a Human factors course for maintenance engineers.

This course covers all of the subject matter for passing the CAA exam.
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Noise Abatement Awareness
This course is designed to meet the Department of Conservation requirement for aircraft operators to complete training in noise abatement procedures prior to utilising concessions to fly in to noise sensitive conservation land.
Aviation Security Awareness
This web course is suitable for  airline staff. If you are a training manager and want your staff to be current in Aviation Security Awareness then contact us now.
Basic Gas Turbine Knowledge
(Web Based)
We have a web based BGT course available that will assist in passing the ASL Exam.
You can register and pay now  to start this course immediately.
Airport Briefings
It is the pilot-in-command’s responsibility before each flight to become familiar with all available information regarding airports of intended use. We have a database of over 20 airport briefs around the South Pacific that are suitable for pilots flying in to an airport for the first time, or to cover annual recurrency requirements.
Crew Resource Management
This web based course is based on our classroom modules that are designed for all Airline staff who need initial or refresher training in CRM.

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RVSM/RNP Navigation
This web course provides background and operational information for those pilots who intend to fly in RVSM and/or RNP airspace.

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EDTO Operations
This is a web based course that covers the history, background, and Operational requirements for Extended Diversion operations.
B737 Tech Refresher
This web course provides an interesting and relevant approach to aircrew technical refreshers. Focusing on the B737, it is full of pictures and current operational procedures.
Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
This web course covers the theory of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and the operation of RNAV(GNSS) approaches. We have courses for the Boeing Smiths FMC, the Bendix KLN 94 GPS Unit, the Collins Pro Line 21/FMS 3000, the Garmin 430, new Garmin G1000
Volcanic Ash Operations
This course provides background knowledge and operational information for pilots and airline staff involved in flights around Volcanic Ash.
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